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Friday, September 6, 2013

Try This Book Series For A Thought-Provoking Discussion With Your Child

“Some People Believe... Aliens” is a rhyming picture book intended for toddlers and young children, illustrated with bold, bright colors, simple lines, fun shapes, and even a little character hidden in each picture to find (which is half the fun)! It is currently available for only $0.99 on Amazon's Kindle, which you can also download as an app for your smart device or computer for free, no Kindle device required (and don't forget Christmas is coming up and there's nothing like instilling the joy of reading! Okay, enough with the shameless plugs, hehe).

My passionate hope is to set a jumping-off point for parents to initiate open, loving, trusting, imaginative, and exploratory communication with their young children. They're never too young to start that! My series, “Some People Believe...” is not about pushing any one view, it's merely about open-mindedness, possibly tolerance, and definitely education.
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My mother-in-law deserves some major credit for planting the idea-seed in me, for without her one of my longest life goals may never have come to fruition. As her children were growing up, she never pushed one belief or another, she would simply say, “Some people believe this, some people believe that.” She is such an inspirational mother and person!

I loved the concept – children will grow up and eventually chose what they believe in, whether or not you agree with it...all we can do as parents is guide them.

When a child is raised, for example, in a Christian household, all they'll know of the world is Christianity – by that I mean because they're so young, they'll think everyone is Christian – so when they finally meet someone who believes differently than they do, it's sometimes a shocking experience and they might not know how to handle it.

By presenting views in an unbiased, non-forceful, educational way, it creates an open, trusting dialogue between parent and child. Young children, even toddlers, are capable of understanding complex issues if it is presented to them gently and age-appropriately. “I chose to believe in this, but let's explore what other people believe, too,” might be a great way to introduce your child to your values...and that nonjudgmental, tolerant, open-minded tone that you set will stay with them forever and later in life, when they encounter someone with opposing views, it won't be such a shock. They'll be prepared.

On top of being an English/Liberal Arts major, I've taken Early Childhood Education classes, and over the last few years of my adult life I have been a professional childcare provider, a foster mother, and have worked in an elementary school. I've wanted to be a mother since I was three-years-old and could fill my onesie pajamas with stuffed animals to pretend I was pregnant – if that anecdote doesn't illustrate that I have a passion for children, then I don't know what will.

I've wanted to be a published author since I was 11, so this is a major milestone for me! I've always been a writer, but I primarily write fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal romance for young adults. I never thought I would be inspired to write a children's book. The thought never crossed my mind. The final tipping point that set a fire in me for starting this children's book series happened when I was working as an After-school Care Coordinator with children a variety of ages. A six-year-old boy came up to me while we were watching a science movie about space and asked a simple question that would start the ball rolling, “Do aliens exist?” I couldn't answer that ethically and force my beliefs on him, so I answered with political-correctness, “You know what, what's a very good question! You should ask your mom.”

Even though to some it might be considered a controversial topic, I started with “Some People Believe... Aliens” because it was just so much fun to write and illustrate! I could let my imagination flow with fun colors and shapes and silly words and become child-like again! However, if that's not your cup-o'-tea, there will be more topics in the series, hitting on anything from different religions to even different types of cultural food (you know, some people believe a candied grasshopper on a stick is a dessert), so stick around and keep your eyes peeled!

I can't express how nervous and excited I have been over the last few months while I've been getting this ready, or how supportive my dear husband, family, and friends have been! (A quick shout out to my parents, who have always encouraged my dreams, to my brother for his discerning eye and critique, and to my husband/ soulmate – words cannot describe my love and appreciation for his encouragement).

I plan publish on other eReader platforms such as Nook, Smashwords, iPad, ect. Eventually, but sooner rather than later, I will have a printed edition (most likely through CreateSpace) because there's nothing like holding an actual book and children are very tactile. Please, feel free to share this post with friends and family and feel free to link this post to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or any other social platform. I'm really relying on “word-of-mouth” right now, so that would be a great help and much appreciated!
Again, feel free to link and share the news to friends and family!

Much love!
~Nicole A.

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