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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Effing Electronics: Battling The Clutter

So my husband and I have a very extensive DVD collection. Over 220 DVDs, not including boxed sets or video games. Needless to say, our entertainment center is packed. And I have mixed feelings over this. Part of me likes displaying our collection, an obvious visual cue to our being big-time Movie Buffs. However, since we do not watch all of them all the time, they are just sitting on the shelf, taking up space or collecting dust. And it's throwing off my vibe in the living room, since I have been inspired to go more minimalistic. I posed the suggestion to my husband that we sell or donate them in lieu of Netflix and he vetoed that right away.

So I came up with another option that he agreed with, one that will save up some space and dust-bunnies. We are going to put our movies into a DVD binder, which will protect them from scratching, dust, can be easily organized by category, and is portable so we can take our movies on trips if we want. I've found a product that comes in an attractive disguise as a leather book, click here.

However, I realize that this process will generate a lot of trash. So here's my plan: I'm going to contact our local movie rental shop and see if they will take the DVD cases to reuse. As for the DVD covers, the front pictures, there's a vendor on Etsy that uses them to make journals so I am going to ask if she wants them. If that all goes well the problem is solved!

As for TV - we don't watch it. We save tons of money on cable, I'm sure. Though, we do have Netflix, so we can watch TV shows and movies when we choose and the great thing is we don't have to be bombarded by commercials and advertisements. There's no way I could ever go back to regular TV, now that I have been spoiled by watching a show without commercials. And the only time my husband and I sit down to watch a movie (together) is in the evenings, so maybe I can convince him to move the TV to our bedroom to make the living room less about TV and more about conversation? Doubt it!

'Til next time, Dear Reader,